What Clients Are Saying

“Our Project Managers are great builders
but needed help presenting to the clients
in crucial selection interviews.  Linda
tailored an effective 2 day program that
fit our needs.  During the class we actually
received notification that we had been 
short listed for a large airport improvement
project.  Linda switched gears and helped
us get a jump start on preparing.  Her help
was invaluable. The following week we
presented with our new skills and were
awarded the job.”

Chris Rogers
Chief Estimator
Granite Construction Company

“All members of management have taken
the Toolbox Leadership in Action
workshops, and feedback shows high
marks for content and value.  Many
employees tell us they can immediately
apply her lessons to real time work
situations.  Needless to say, we are very
fortunate to have Linda working with
our team!”

Ray Mendonca, PHR
Senior Director
Human Resources

Powerful and Practical Programs

Toolbox workshops are highly interactive sessions with an emphasis on individual
practice and in-the-moment coaching for accelerated learning that sticks. Many
programs include on-camera exercises and practice for each participant, with
coaching and immediate viewing of the results.

Workshops are designed to be delivered at your location. All of our workshops
can be customized to meet your specific objectives.


Dynamic Presentations: Speaking With Greater Impact
Thinking On Your Feet: Presenting Under Pressure
Leadership Presence: Leading with Credibility and Connection
Leadership in Action: Intense Communication Practice for Leaders
Leading Effective Meetings: Facilitation Skills for Leaders
Better Working Relationships through Understanding Style Differences
Customized Programs and Client Examples

Dynamic Presentations
Speaking With Greater Impact

Learn to create and deliver dynamic, high-impact presentations with greater
confidence and conviction. You’ll learn how to design an audience-focused
presentation, connect to listeners, deliver a clear and compelling message,
and move others to understanding and action. With many on-camera exercises
and practice giving real presentations, you’ll leave the workshop knowing exactly
how to present with greater confidence, credibility, and audience connection.

This workshop is for anyone who presents in formal or informal settings. Our
core class can be tailored to specific presentation skill settings.

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Thinking On Your Feet
Presenting Under Pressure

Learn to speak with confidence under pressure – in difficult Q&A sessions,
when you’ve been handed someone else’s slide pack at the last minute, or
when you are asked for an impromptu project update. Through on-camera
exercises and in-the-moment coaching, you’ll learn strategies for organizing
your thoughts, managing nervousness, and speaking with confidence when
you have little time to prepare.

See a detailed workshop description (pdf format)top

Leadership Presence
Leading with Credibility and Connection

Learn how to come across with a strong, connected presence, communicating
in ways that give you better results and better working relationships up, down,
and around your organization. You’ll learn specific behaviors that give you
credibility and connect you to others, making it easier to influence others,
manage performance, and be seen as an effective leader. We’ll use on-camera
exercises and practice conversations with lots of coaching and feedback. You’ll
leave the workshop knowing how to consistently come across with greater
leadership presence.

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Leadership in Action
Intense Communication Practice for Leaders

In this series of half-day workshops, learn how to significantly improve the way
you give feedback, coach, negotiate with peers, and communicate with your
manager. After an introduction to key concepts, you’ll practice real conversations
on-camera with in-the-moment coaching about both what you say and how you
say it. You’ll come away able to use non-verbal cues, verbal strategies, and well-
framed conversations to consistently get better outcomes.

See a detailed workshop description (pdf format)top

Leading Effective Meetings
Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Learn to facilitate more productive, focused meetings while building trust and
better working relationships within the group. Examine the key strategies and
attitudes of an effective meeting facilitator from planning through decision-making.
You’ll learn techniques for idea generation, ways to get more participation and
buy-in on decisions, as well as how to handle difficult dynamics that disrupt
meetings. Through on-camera exercises and practice with your real meeting
topics, you will build the skills and approaches for running more effective meetings.

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Better Working Relationships through
Understanding Style Differences

Learn how style preferences affect how you and others take in information, make
decisions, handle stress, approach problems, and communicate. Using the Myers
Briggs Type Indicator assessment, exercises and discussion, you’ll learn how to
apply this knowledge to manage conflict and have more productive working
relationships. The MBTI assessment is administered via the web prior to the
workshop. This workshop can be customized for groups of leaders, intact teams,
or large cross-functional groups.

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Customized Programs and Client Examples

Toolbox designs and delivers customized programs at your request. Contact us
to discuss your learning objectives and how we can deliver a solution for you.

Examples of customized workshops we’ve created for clients:

Presentation skills programs that focus on presenting news to staff during change

Short courses on specific topics such as “The Power of Listening,”
   “Navigating Change,” “Conflict Styles” and “Leadership Presence”

Condensed presentation skills workshops for large groups with one on-camera
  opportunity for each participant

Accelerated presentations skills workshops followed by just-in-time coaching for
  the participants right before a National Sales Meeting

Workshops on “Developing Your Career” to clarify expectations and options for
  career development in the organization

For more information on Customized Programs, contact Toolbox.