What Clients Are Saying

"Linda's approach is unique and very
powerful.  She prepared and presented
an individualized program for our
company that led to actionable advice
that significantly improved my presence
and effectiveness in leading others."

Mark Joing
Clinical Development



Toolbox offers meeting facilitation services, customized programs and help with
special projects. Contact Toolbox to discuss how we can help you.

Meeting Facilitation

Toolbox provides facilitators for your strategic planning sessions and other
meetings where stakes are high and staying focused is crucial. Using a facilitator
helps you:

Keep your meeting focused and on track
Insure all ideas are heard
Allow leaders to participate rather than facilitate
Generate, evaluate, and prioritize ideas quickly
Minimize disruptions and clashes

Customized Programs and Special Projects

All of our workshops can be customized for your organization. See what we’ve
done for other clients on the Workshops page under Customized Programs
and Client Examples. In addition, Toolbox can design and deliver programs that
address specific employee development needs, facilitate focus groups, and
analyze learning needs.

Examples of special projects and programs

Change Management Sessions: Designed and delivered sessions to help
12-person team through major organization change during a buy-out. The
workshop focused on handling the stress and uncertainty of change as well
as articulating value in the new organization.

HR “Voice of the Customer” Project: Through senior staff and employee
interviews, assessed perceptions of the HR staff and collected suggestions for
improved service. The HR team incorporated this feedback into plans for new
communication initiatives.

Department Merger Project: Partnered with IT director to implement merger
of 2 IT departments. Project included customer and staff interviews, identification
of key issues, and facilitation of IT staff offsite to determine roles and
responsibilities under the new organization.

Leading Cross-Functional Project Teams: Designed and delivered program
for new scientific project team leaders with MBTI assessments, roles,
responsibilities and challenges discussions, and key communication skill

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