What Clients Are Saying

“After having attended numerous
training and coaching sessions through
my career, working with Linda has been
without doubt the most positive and
successful experience I had. I highly
recommend her without reserve.”

Michel Bertin
Senior Director
Ultra Clean Technology



Why Use A Coach?

Break through your barriers, see things from new perspectives, and expand your
comfort zone – a coach helps you be the best presenter and leader you can be,
with greater confidence and more impact. Anyone who wants to take their
presentation skills or leadership skills to a higher, more effective level can benefit
from working with a coach.

Our coaching process starts with an in-depth conversation about your goals,
strengths, concerns, and objectives. We’ll work together to reach those objectives.

Our approach is a blend of pure coaching (helping you access internal knowledge
and natural talent) with advising (offering useful strategies, techniques, and ideas).

Your coach will be Linda Bickham or one of the many outstanding Toolbox
associates, depending on your objectives and location.

Coaching for Presenters

Work with a presentation skills coach when you:

Have a high-stakes presentation to make and want to be at your
  absolute best

Have received feedback that your current presentation skill level
  is holding you back

Feel nervous or fearful when you present and want to increase
  your confidence level

How it works:  You’ll be filmed and coached using exercises and real
presentations, followed by immediate viewing, discussion, and more practice.
You’ll find that you can quickly incorporate changes and feel more confident as
a presenter. The coach will also suggest ways to modify the content and
structure of your slides so your message is delivered clearly.

Coaching for Leaders and Soon-To-Be-Leaders

Work with a leadership coach when you:

Want to increase your credibility and influence as a leader
Have received feedback that you need to improve your leadership skills
Want to develop strategies for accelerating your career growth

How it works:  Leadership coaching includes identifying and building on your
strengths, recognizing and managing personal and organizational barriers,
practicing real scenarios and conversations, and action assignments.
Depending on your objectives, on-camera practice with coaching may be used.

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