Linda Bickham

Linda Bickham

Linda Bickham is Toolbox’s founder and principal facilitator. For over 15 years,
she has helped leaders become exceptional presenters and communicators.
She has consulted, taught, and coached at Fortune 500 companies, high-tech organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, non-profits, & academic institutions.

In small group workshops and one-with-one sessions, Linda excels at coaching
people to step out of their comfort zone and expand their strengths as presenters
and leaders. Her practical approach and perceptive coaching help people make
shifts in mindset and skill level, resulting in confident, highly effective leaders who
have the power to be heard and to influence others.

Linda has deep and varied experience in coaching people to be at their best. Over
the years she has worked with scientists, engineers, sales professionals and
emerging leaders in many industries.  As a career counselor for a Silicon Valley
firm, she coached people of all professions to show up with confidence and
conviction during career transition and job search.  Beyond her consulting practice,
Linda taught Kenpo Karate at Stanford, coaching hundreds of young martial artists
to perform with confidence, self awareness, and focus.

Prior to founding Toolbox, Linda worked in the biopharmaceutical industry for many
years. She led teams and cross functional teams, coached leaders through every
aspect of organizational change, worked closely with senior management on
various initiatives, and designed and facilitated leadership training, teambuilding
sessions and focus groups.

Linda has a Certificate of Training and Human Resources from UC Santa Cruz
Extension, a MLIS from UC Berkeley, a B.S. from UC Davis, and MBTI certification
from Otto Kroeger Associates.


Toolbox has long-established partnerships with a number of highly experienced
consultants with exceptional coaching and facilitation skills. When your
organization requires more facilitators or coaches to meet demand or deadlines, Toolbox can provide the staffing to meet your needs.

What Clients Are Saying

“With a winning combination of
intelligence, insight and humor, Linda
ensures that every meeting delivers
value. She is polished, articulate, and
knowledgeable, and her thoughts and
observations are now a part of my own
understanding and habit. I regard her
and her counsel very highly.”

Paul Matalucci
Wordwright Commnications, Inc.

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